Influencers Apply

1. Who is eligible to apply?

We currently open for applicants in the following countries: United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan. If you're not among those location, but with larger followers in any the social platforms, we'll review your application and cover you in.

2. What if I am not interested in the current product selection?

Kissbobo is constantly launching new women's accessories. If you didn't have any desire products, please be patience, every couple weeks we will upload new products to our website.

3.How will I know when new products are available?

Follwow us on Facebook page. We will announce new products on it whenever we have new products or to update when we are out of stock of current products to review.

4.What are the Program benefits?

Reviewers can receive regular exclusive discounts on Kissbobo products and have the opportunity to get bonus gifts after helping us complete surveys. The reviewers with detailed reviews about our product features in their user experiences and showcase how it actually work with a photo/photos will become our VIP members to have the top priority try out our new release.

Kissbobo reserves all rights of explanation for our review program. (Updated on 2017/2/22)