It was fate. One night in 2005, a stylish young woman carefully applied her makeup and picked out a chic evening dress for a dinner party, intending to wow. She left home feeling flawless and confident, but as the night wore on her bra band kept making an appearance and instead she was left feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed.

    By sheer chance however – or perhaps it was destiny – she was introduced to a young American design team that evening who already had a slew of international product design awards under their belt. Over dessert, she got chatting with them about this very particular problem and they decided to work together to develop a solution, a bra that would remain invisible under even the most revealing of looks. And so the Kissbobo bra was invented.

Pure silicone bras, supplied in 50 countries

    Now in business for over 12 years, Kissbobo is devoted to meeting women’s desire for lift, support and cleavage enhancement that appears natural and bra-free. Focusing on undetectable silicone and fabric-topped bras, the brand today enjoys a presence in over fifty countries and allows women worldwide to feel happy and comfortable in whatever they choose to wear. Complimenting any backless, strapless, halter or sheer outfits, we insist on only using 100% pure silicone to be kind to your skin and to the environment.

Introducing the Kissbobo sports bra

    More recently, Kissbobo added sports bras into its product range, still with the same emphasis on excellent quality and workmanship, but now combined with unrivalled fit and the latest fashion trends. Through constant research and development, and a dash of innovation, we aim to become internationally known and loved for our premium quality, and to continually improve the experience for our customers who are always our top priority.

    So whether you’re stunning in a backless gown on your wedding day or simply enjoying your morning yoga class, Kissbobo helps you to affordably look and feel your best, anytime, anywhere.

  Ladies, kiss your old bras goodbye! Say hello to Kissbobo.