Our Story

 Many women struggle with finding the perfect strap-free bra to wear underneath some stylish yet tricky outfits, featured with a halter or cropped top or a little black dress with cropped back… The industrial experts never cease to make bra a day-to-night treasure that speaks “  Comfortability, Appeal, Health, Individuality, ecology…”. “Secure, Comfy, Light, Fitting, Charming , Eco” should be all-inclusive for the modern fashionistas. 

KISSBOBO Adhesive Strapless Bra

Since 2012,  as an industry innovator,   KISSBOBO stepped up to the plate with an  innovative design intended to solve this problem.

Our ECO-chic bra not only developed in response to what is lacking in the industry – it is also the responsive alternative to our previously launched popular “conventional “ strapless bras (such as  self-adhesive silicone invisible bras & (draw string ) foam padded sticky bras , which are popular in the modern strapless bra industry, for which many consumers’ complaints were that the material was not sticky enough and caused the breasts to sweat, which ultimately made the bra more prone to slipping off. It was at this point that we realized we must start over if we truly want to create a change.

Tenderly Colored

 So we did just that.

 Our research team took a number of months to figure which material would best improve our concept of the invisible bra, and after much experimenting and eventually perfecting the design and technology with our new CRO (chief research officer), we realized that silicone was not the most effective. So we chose natural latex from Thailand as the alternative.

 Our ECO-chic bra is healthier and friendlier to the skin and breasts, which is largely due to the all-natural gum base in the viscose. In addition, the material is lighter in weight, the fabric surface is made of a superfine spandex that will help to support a woman’s breasts properly, and the addition of plant-based essential oils in the material creates a pleasant scent.

The essence of KISSBOBO is based on providing revolutionary products that will help a woman feel more confident and beautiful. We will continue to let our courageous spirit guide us.