Pushup & Cleavage

The KISSBOBO strapless Bras are sophisticatedly designed and made to provide secured, comfy, healthy invisible support for completing the stylishly -cut daily outfits or occasional/formal attires. All KISSBOBO Strapless Bras can provide an ideal push-up & an appealing cleavage for East-West, Round, Side-Set breasts; As to the special types of breasts- Slender, Teardrop, Bell-Shape, Asymmetrical, the KISSBOBO Strapless Bras can provide only a sexy cleavage but not a push-up effect. 

Side set

East West


Fitting Problem and Solution

Quad Boob” (with the Top Edge of the Bras Cups cutting into the breast tissue ) or “Flat Look” (apparently, the breasts look united, flat , without even a centralized cleavage)

These fitting problems are mainly caused by the following factors: 

(1) The Bra size is not rightly chosen—too small to the wearer;

(2) The type of extremely soft breasts, while being pressed overly by a smaller bra, the unfitting bra might create a flat, united look.  

Solutions for resolving the above-mentioned fitting problems:

A. Choose a suitable type design & a bigger size 

B. While wearing the chosen adhesive bra, it is advisable that the wearer properly position the cup and start sticking the cup to the bottom of the breast to achieve a better push-up.  

Sweating Problem – Analysis & Solution

While designing, developing and manufacturing the adhesive bras, KISSBOBO always takes HEALTH as priority. From the innovative way of developing /engineering/making of the Bio-compliant, and natural, lite, flexible, sustainable, skin-friendly materials to the stringent Bra-making, testing, packaging process, KISSBOBO adopts its own exclusive adhesive formula & light, flexible outer materials to make the bra more breathable and free, especially the KISSBOBO patented natural oil essence laminated adhesive formula helps resolving the problems caused by sweating, in the following ways:    

The natural oil essence makes the bra function as skin therapy: expelling the potential heat and odor from long hours’ wearing an adhesive bra, by “messaging” and “nourishing” the breast skins as a highly-qualified skin-care product. 

In this way, the KISSBOBO bringing down the potentiality of sweating— 30% less than that of the general bras in the strapless bra market. 

Adhesiveness’ Analysis & Solution --- Bra being Too Sticky

“Adhesiveness’ Analysis & Solution — Bra being Too Sticky 

In the general adhesive bra markets, what bothers most of the consumers are adhesive bras being not sticky enough and easily falling off… To resolve the female-centric problems, the KISSBOBO ergonomically conceives, develops and crafts its exclusive KISSBOBO adhesive formula- to make the adhesive bras more flexible, light, breathable and surely sticky enough. 

There are rare cases that a few consumers complaining about the KISSBOBO bras being too sticky to take off (which may cause a pain to peel off the bra from the breasts). 

This is caused by the inappropriate way to peel off the bras from the skin. To avoid the peel-off “pain” problem, you are warmly reminded to follow the following ways:

 “simultaneously” hold the Side- Edges of both cups and peel off “at the same time” the Side-Edges of both cup! 

Solution to avoid ‘See-Through”

To avoid problem of bras being seen through, beside the black and skin color (available in general market), KISSBOBO develops a great variety of pastel colors to accomplish more colorful, fashionable outfits.