How do I determine the correct size for me?

Breasts come in all sizes and shapes. It is difficult to determine exactly what size to wear. However, based on our research  & analysis on a great variety of women’s breast shape, it is recommended that you  (should you be the one unfamiliar with this kind of adhesive bra)  refer to  our “Technical Support” landing page for more info., our simply reach us via email—   for make precise selection.   If you are  in between sizes, then it is recommended that you choose a smaller size, because the adhesive surface needs to be in full contact with your breast skin in order to function properly.

Generally speaking, you can size down for more cleavage, and size up for more coverage, due to the unique features of KISSBOBO  bras (e.g.  Eco-Chic bra , with exception of a few items )  .These are not intended for full coverage, but they can be positioned to provide support and cleavage control.

How long can I wear? Will it fall off?

It provides up to  12 hours secure fit . The adhesive on KISSBOBO bra is sticky enough to stay on throughout the day. It provides support and comfort no matter what your day brings. With proper care, your bra will last for many  wears.

What’s the material of this ECO-CHIC BRA? Any benefits?

It is a self-adhesive, strapless, backless, and reusable bra made from natural latex and food-grade adhesive inside. It’s perfect for daily outfits or formal party attires , featured with   stylish  cuts on the neckline or back panels (e.g. strapless, backless, sheer,  halter dresses or  tops) .

More importantly, we adopt natural latex as alternative of silicone and sponge, so that the weight is made only 1/4 of the same- sized traditional silicone bra, and biodegradable adhesive inside to provide 12 hours secure fit. 

How many wears can i get out of the bra?

Five to eight times, it depends on the skin type and how well the adhesive is maintained.

How to clean the adhesive bra and maintain it?

Wash the bras in the water under 30 degree. Holding the bra in your hand, adhesive side up, then add a little warm water with mild soap, use your other hand to move a circular on the bra for cleaning. (Don’t use your fingernails, they might ruin the adhesive side.)

Flat lay the cups and squeeze the excess water. Then connect the cups, hang it on the clothes rack and dry it in the shade. (Don’t expose to sun.)

*Time to dry it up in the shade: 24 hours. (If the weather is wet, please extend the time appropriately until the bras dry up.)

When the bra dry up completely, cover the protection films on the adhesive sides of the bra, placing it into the box, keep it covered until next use.  Here are the guidelines for cleaning and maintaining this kind of bras.  

Is the bra difficult to remove?

Gently peel off each cup gradually from the top to down

Why is there some white liquid flowing out during the first wash?

There will be some white liquid flowing out during the first time wash. It will turn to be some powder after extrication (the powder was separated out from Calcium carbonate.) It would not stick on the bra and outflow completely after the first wash.