How to properly clean and maintain Eco-Chic Bra.

Warm Tip : Eco-Chic Bra, as a backless, strapless and self-adhesive Bra, ergonomically designed, with high utilitarian value & a minimalist approach, provides a healthy , comfy fit & secured invisible support for the some stylishly-cut yet handy outfits. Due to its special features, the adhesive bra should be properly maintained for a prolonged use.

Only Hand-Washing in cold or mildly warm water! No Ironing! Air -Drying Only!

Step 1: Apply a small amount of mild cleanser or soap for washing

Step 2: Gently clean the adhesive part with the palm of your hand, with a circular motion

Step 3: Follow the same way to wash the outer layer

Step 4: Rinse the bra with clean water, and shake it off gently

Step 5: Hang it on laundry rack, leave it air dry