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Since 2012, as an industry innovator, The New Bra stepped up to the plate with an innovative design intended to solve this problem.

Our ECO-chic bra not only developed in response to what is lacking in the industry – it is also the responsive alternative to our previously launched popular “conventional “ strapless bras (such as self-adhesive silicone invisible bras & (draw string ) foam padded sticky bras , which are popular in the modern strapless bra industry, for which many consumers’ complaints were that the material was not sticky enough and caused the breasts to sweat, which ultimately made the bra more prone to slipping off. It was at this point that we realized we must start over if we truly want to create a change.

The essence of The New Bra is based on providing revolutionary products that will help a woman feel more confident and beautiful. We will continue to let our courageous spirit guide us.

Our Design and Culture

KISSBOBO’s unremitting pursuit of perfection (as exemplified in its significant creation of “ Eco-Chic “ adhesive bra, which is ergonomically , sustainably created for addressing the challenges of what the industry is lack of—- the very desired secured invisible support & healthy, comfy fit , for enabling the strapless bra wearers to feel free and confident while being dressed in stylishly –cut outfits ) and its focus on innovation led KISSBOBO to be redefine the term of “Adhesive Bra” for the digital modern women and the advanced future generation.

Considering the fact of silicones or foams , while being frequently clinging to the skin, in long-term, it is not good to the TISSUE health of Breasts. We may consider a more healthy adhesive solution— 100% safe to your skin, as, after all, what you wear , is not only the reliable adhesiveness , it should be as a skin- care product, which is safe to be your skin.

Reliably Flexible, Feather-light , Breathable The SKIN-FRIENDLY natural essential oils, with lemon as the main ingredient , helping clearing the dirt, bacteria, sweat or other attachments on the skin from long hours’ wearing and cooling the body temperature, hereinafter, making your directly attached adhesive layer more clean, fresh and breathable; Meanwhile, the lightness & flexibility of the other fabrics of the cups enable the bra to move comfortable.

Considering the gravity of PURE Silicone materials used in Silicone Bras or or the inadequate flexibility of conventional foam materials used in trendy strapless bras , which may easily cause the bras fall down with inappropriate movement after long hours’ , to resolve this problem, the adhesive textiles + other main materials of the cups are supposed to be light & flexible as well, besides reliably adhesive , the adhesive bra has to be made to be agile enough to adapt to the movements of the body.

It is reported officially that the materials of Eco-Chic bras , while being buried underground , they can be automatically melting down, without leaving any harmful traces to the environment.
Considering the conventional materials , like silicones, foams , being extremely burden to the environment, a more sustainable , non-harm Eco- materials are suggested to alternatively used to minimize the industrial population .

— well-managed balance in backless, strapless , adhesive bra design –Physical fit, aesthetic fit, functional fit are all the concerns we’ve been focused on;

To us, the philosophy of Ergonomic s is taken as one of our primary considerations, when comes to the design of a functionality bra , like adhesive Bra “

KISSBOBO’s innovative technology in Bio mechanical engineering of strapless bras enables the wearers to achieve the highest level of comfort and interaction from the bras, through its mature technology in Bio-compliant textile conceptualization/ development/making and human-centered bra structuring, the bra is made to be healthy, soft and flexible, with versatile fit —- so that it is “customized” to meet both your aesthetic desire & comfy fit.

Please find more information about the fitting and Styling Gguidelines about KISSBOBO Bras.

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If you’re enterested in employment opportunities at KISSBOBO, please email us: simon@ikissbobo.com

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