LET’S TALK— What Make An Ideal Adhesive Bra?

BRA—The Very Day-to-Night Essential That Elevates Your Charm With Confidence! What Make The Most Reliable Adhesive Bra ? The Industrial Experts Are Constantly Address The Challenges By Placing Emphasis On The Following Solutions:

>> Sticky and Secured Support

To ensure a stably sticky support, the idea adhesive materials recommendable should be medical-grade compliant , besides being sufficiently sticky without causing any stresses of being overly “tight” , they should be seriously hygienic, smooth, breathable, after all, they directly cling to the skin. Imagine giving your busts a free reign with a bare-skin “coverage”, without being worry about sagging, bouncing…  

>> Comfy fit

To Achieve the ultimate comfortability , adoption of fine materials (ranging from the inner sticky part, the padding to the shell fabric) & ergonomic design are particularly required. Ideally they should be ultra lite, being well crafted. The lighter, softer and fresher the overall materials are, the more comfortable they tend to be.   

>> Custom Contouring

The successful adhesive bras should also be constructed to adapt to the busts and give well-balanced form-fitting: uplift, centered cleavage, without side set 

>> Eco-Friendly

Go -green has been a socially -conscious subject for any industry.    

 Let ‘s take a quick view on the features of the following popular backless, seamless, invisible bras: 

 Pure Silicon Adhesive Bras

Selling Points: The classical pure -Silicon materials provides a skin-friendly support.    

Challenges : Too heavy to hold the chests in place for long hours, which might cause sagging, or falling.

Draw String Push-Up Bras

Selling Point(s):  The Front Adjustable draw string does offer an impressive uplifting effect ,with customized cleavage & lift as you desire;

Challenge(s): The Patched Material, made of foam, does not provide inadequate ventilation and still the weight & stiffness of the entire Bra could not enable an endurable support ; 

Kissbobo Eco-Chic Bras ( Go unconventionally and innovatively)

Selling Point(s): Its exclusive “barely-there” medical-grade compliant materials, with adoption of lighter and softer natural latex as padding & plant-based essential oils & superfine spandex, formulated in an ergonomic way (which naturally front-fastens and pushes up the breasts to define your natural curves)  , assure you a 12-hour comfy fit. And its delicately designed and crafted package, as evidently favored by millions of fans, make the product a statement piece.   

Challenge(s): The bra can offer a natural fit to the breasts, whilst for big breasts above size E, a particular shapewear might be needed.

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